Since 1949, Château Roc de Montpezat, a beautiful vineyard in Bordeaux, has undergone many changes and refurbishments in order to make it in perfect harmony with the values of the owners and the needs of wine lovers.

The Owners

Two young entrepreneurs with a passion for the land and wine, fell in love with this vineyard in Bordeaux. Strong of their know-how in their respective domains, they knew how to combine their experiences in order to make of the castle Roc de Montpezat a place impossible to circumvent of the domains of the area and the appellation Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux.

The history of the vineyard

The beautiful history of Château Roc de Montpezat dates back several generations and continues with the acquisition of the current and audacious owners who, while respecting the values of the elders, enrich it with their convictions and qualities. Since their acquisition, they have transferred this entire Bordeaux vineyard to organic farming, restructured the cellars, created new wines and transformed this magnificent vineyard into a gîte that also offers the possibility of organizing private events.

"Each wine is unique, it is built by its terroir and by the work done on our vineyards.

Sébastien Bataille