The association of these two entrepreneurs made what is today the castle Roc de Montpezat.

Sébastien BATAILLE

His long experience in the wine industry and his technical knowledge of the vineyards have benefited his manual wine-making business, Amphore et Terroir. Concerned about the environment, curious about new innovative and earth-friendly techniques, Sébastien then became interested in organic and biodynamic farming. He worked on several organic and biodynamic wineries where he completed his skills. Passionate about wine, he acquired the techniques of wine making, which allows him to vinify the wines of Château Roc de Montpezat and those of Domaine de Gaychon.

Guillaume REBIERE

Trained as a mechanic for agricultural machinery, Guillaume was at the head of a mechanical vineyard work company, GEFVAD, for 15 years. He then put his knowledge of machinery and land to good use in the service of several wineries and was able to develop his company, which has become a reference in the sector. His adaptability, his analysis and his technique allow Guillaume to be reactive and precise in the different constraints that can be imposed by the work of the land and the vineyard.

A common history

In 2008, their paths crossed. A common passion unites them: the land, the wine. Sharing the same values, they decided in 2017 to acquire Domaine de Gaychon, a wine estate with thirteen hectares of vines, located in the commune of Flaujagues in Gironde. Concerned about the environment and faithful to their values and convictions, Guillaume and Sébastien transferred the vineyard to organic farming. Then, in 2021, after three years of farming, they acquire the Château Roc de Montpezat, which will also be certified organic in 2024.